Prof. Dr. Upendra Kumar Koirala

The Vice Chancellor is the Chief Executive Official of Mid-Western University and is appointed by the Chancellor, the Hon’ble Prime Minister of Nepal, upon recommendations of a committee constituted for the event.

The Vice Chancellor is based directly at the University and leads the academic, administrative and financial affairs of the Institution and supports its activities. The Vice-Chancellor is responsible for ensuring that mission and purposes for which of the University came into being are accordingly fulfilled. In this capacity, he authorizes all policies, rules and regulations of the University.

For appointments:

Dilip Bhattarai
Personal Secretary to Vice-Chancellor
Phone: +977-083-525444


Dr. Mahendra Kumar Malla

The Registrar is appointed by the Chancellor, the Hon’ble Prime Minister of Nepal, upon recommendations of the Vice Chancellor. He is the financial and administrative head of the University and in this capacity s/he shall direct the financial management and general administration of the University.


The Planning ,Development and Evaluation Directorate is responsible for the broad areas of physical development and expansion of the University and the raising of necessary capital resources. In cooperation with the Planning Council, the Directorate supervises and implements projects involving the growth of the University, and prepares appropriate projects and plans based on the requests of the University community.

Prof. Hiranya Prasad Gautam is the current Director of the Planning, Development and Evaluation Directorate.

The International Relations Directorate establishes and enhances collaborative relationship and cooperation with selected educational institutions around the world, promoting mutual exchange of ideas and skills and enhancing academic excellence. The Directorate plays an essential role in organizing exchange programs, monitoring and evaluating international projects that are run under different Faculties and Schools, and providing necessary assistance to new initiatives in the area of international engagements. It will assist international students and faculty members, within the framework of exchange programs, by arranging their placement, providing necessary academic information, and helping with social and cultural aspects of internationalization.

Currently, Professor Ganesh Bahadur Karki is the Director of the International Relations Directorate.

Research Center promotes the scientific and quality research in all  existing faculties of university. It improves the staff’s research capability and their professional development with their research output and peer esteem by creating an environment and infrastructure that fosters and supports high quality research across the full range of disciplines in the university. Research Center supports multidisciplinary research by building of research teams and encouraging co-operation between university staffs and collaborative research institutes so as to maximize mutual benefit. Center promotes the research expertise of the university to external parties, both local and international, including industry, while adhering to the principles of academic freedom and institutional autonomy.

Prof. Dr. Deep Bahadur Rawal is the Director, of the Research Center.

The Curriculum Development Centre (CDC) ensures that each program corresponds to the overall purpose of the University and formulates long term plans for the growth and development of the academic programs of the University.

The Centre is concerned with the development of curricula on different subjects to be taught in the University, proposes teaching development plan and develops curricula for the various  Faculties  and  Institutes  of  the  University.  The  Centre  is  structured in  various subject committees which are responsible for upgrading, monitoring, and evaluating the concerned curricula. Academic plans are updated every year, especially when new courses are introduced. The Centre also promotes programs for teachers’ further development and conducts seminars, orientation programs and workshops to help implement the curriculum in its true spirit.

Currently, Mr.Liladhar Tiwari is the Director of the Curriculum Development Centre.

The General Administration Office (GAO) oversees the  overall administration system and offices of the University and is concerned with all non-financial matters pertaining to the academic staff and employees. It also determines criteria and procedures for evaluating their requests and applications. The Office is responsible for safeguarding and facilitating the implementation  of  the  administrative rules and regulations of the University, as well as for their enforcement. It also keeps and stores the records of all University employees and constantly updates it.

Mr. Purna Bahadur B.C. is the Chief of the General Administration Office.

The Financial Administration Office supervises the financial management of the University, develops and processes the financial policies and manages the operation of all business and fiscal functions of the University.

The Office is in charge for preparing and monitoring the University budget, overseeing the cash flow management, and periodically issuing performance reports needed to monitor the various operations. It authorizes all expenditures of University funds, collects all the revenues, implements policies and guidelines designed to maintain fiscal relations with students. It also provides guidelines concerning employee and sub contracts, health insurance, University tuitions and fees, information and scholarships for students, guidelines and polices.

Mr. Motilal Giri is the Chief of financial Administration Office.

The Examination Management’s Office (EMO) is responsible for maintaining and updating student records concerning various aspects, such as admission, applications, grade reports, transcripts, enrollment in courses and so on. The Office also provides schools and teachers with needed University and student data and certifies the fulfillment of academic requirements for admission, graduation, and others.

Mr. Khemraj Rawat is the Chief of Examination Management Office.